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Red All Over

Own It June 18, 2019

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Runtime: 90 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5571, 824355557121


Fifteen-year-old Red is a sad, lost child on his way to self-destruction. His hard-knock life is a whirlwind of failure due impart to his neglectful parents. He must also contend with 'Big' Chris a school jock and relentless bully who won't back down. Red finds comfort in his older brother KJ, his only friend Rahjer, and the pages of his secret notebook, filled with thought-provoking haiku's and significant views of Red's poignant life. Eventually Red, 'Big' Chris and a girl named Angel meet on a collision course of disaster which takes the rest of their worlds on a wild ride of self-awareness, betrayal, and overcoming adversity in the face of today's hard-hitting gun violence issue. Red All Over is a stark observation into the other side of an often untold story. Take a look at life through Red's eyes, and what is seen will never be the same.

Produced By

John Wayne S. III & Channing Hughes

Directed By

John Wayne S. III


Victor Love, Donna Biscoe, Charmin Lee, Slim Thug, Joselito Marquez, Aaron Harris, Andre Pitre

About the Crew

  • John Wayne S III is a director/producer. For over two decades, he has worked on music videos, TV commercials and media projects through his company Londyn Town Pictures. His reality style of storytelling and creativity has been his brand as a director.
  • Red All Over is a story that explores both sides of the gun violence issue. It takes the focus off the crime and gives the narrative to those involved. Red All Over also highlights the silent predator that is bullying. It has been selected for many film festivals including a finalist for the Peachtree Village International Film festival and a semifinalist for the Hollywood Screenings film festival.
  • Victor Love is an actor, known for Native Son (1986), Spawn (1997) and Gang Related (1997).
  • Donna Biscoe is an actress known for in the Heat of the Night (1990-93), One Missed Call (2008), Hidden Figures (2016), Girls Trip (2017), and Saints & Sinners (2017-2018).
  • Charmin Lee is an actress and producer, known for Parenthood (1989) and Port Charles (1997), The 5th Wave (2016), What Men Want (2019), and The Inspectors (2015- ).
  • Slim Thug is an American rapper who has worked with artists such as Pharrell, Beyonce, Gwen Stefai, T.I, and many more.