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Reminiscing Shadows

Own It August 08, 2023

Genre: Action, Thriller

Runtime: 75 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5988, 824355598827


Memphis homicide detective, Danielle, leads the country in closed cases. After seven years being a solo act, she partners with Aaron, an experienced narcotics police officer looking for a change in career to homicide. The two are tasked with the toughest case in either of their careers involving a mysterious masked group causing mass murders. Their only clues are the calling cards of the accomplices; red wrist bands and black poker chips.

Produced By

Jason Martin

Directed By

Jason Martin


Toy Danielle, Edward Chatman, Nario Seven, Andrew Robinson

About the Crew

  • Born in Detroit, Raised in Memphis. Jason Martin is an bright upcoming Filmmaker. His director style is influenced by Spike Lee and the late John Singleton. Director Martin has won several Director's Awards and nominated multiple times including in Music Awards Shows. Jason has directed and Executive Produced several shows from Reminiscing Shadows, Blinded Shot, and Black Girl, Big City.