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Rim Shop

Own It December 02, 2008

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 81 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5283, 824355528329


Joe Joe has just opened up his very own rim shop and things are going well until an evil loan shark comes to collect an old debt. With no money in the bank Joe Joe has 24 hours to come up with the cash or he loses everything. Looking for a little cash themselves Joe Joe's half wit friends steal a million dollar gold coin; unfortunately they only think it is worth a couple of bucks. Will Joe Joe get his hands on the extremely valuable coin before his friends sell it to the highest bidder?

Directed By

Francis G. Pinnock


Clifton Powell, Tommy, "Tiny", Lister, Maia Campbell, Mr. Magic, Kane and Abel, Chavon, "M.O.N.E.", Higgins, George Boyd, Gavin Lewis

About the Crew

  • Tommy 'Tiny' Lister starred alongside the late Heath Ledger in the wildly successful film The Dark Knight, Lister also starred in Friday, Hellborn, and Miss B's Hair Salon.
  • George Boyd- Ladr??n que roba a ladr??n, Da Block Party 2
  • Clifton Powell-Won Best Performance by an Actor at the American Black Film Festival for his role in Civil Brand. Starred in Street Kings, First Sunday, Norbit, and opposite Jamie Foxx in Ray. Winner of several NAACP awards.
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