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Romeo and Isabella

Own It June 27, 2023

Genre: Drama, LGBT

Runtime: 97 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5949, 824355594928


Trans woman, Isabella, has struggled to find the right man. When she goes back home, old friends and skeletons come back to find her. When she falls for Romeo, the neighborhood bad boy, they both find out falling in love may be a death sentence.

Produced By

John K. Eagle Jr.

Directed By

John K. Eagle Jr.


Gabby Amourr, Deshawn Harris

About the Crew

  • John K. Eagle Jr. is a writer, director, and producer known for Undercover Consequences (2021), Kisses and Bullets (2023), and Romeo and Isabella (2023).
  • Gabby Amourr is a trans-woman influencer with half a million followers across social media platforms.