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Box Art for Roseland


Own It August 30, 2022

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 77 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5844, 824355584424


JuJu, is a young man who grew up in the Roseland community all his life. Him and his best friend, Good-Game, go on a wild summer spree of sheisty exploits, causing the entire hood of petty thugs to chase them on a rollercoaster ride of wild escapades. Life takes a fateful turn when the love of his life, and everyone who cares about him, try to advise him to slow down his wild ride.

Produced By

Billy Ray Valentine

Directed By

Billy Ray Valentine


Julian T. Allen, Shanta' Renee Smith, Mike Sampson

About the Crew

  • Mark Anthony Mathews aka Billy Ray Valentine is a actor, director, and producer known for Magic (2020), Lil Ceasar (2021), and Walk of Rufus (2022).
  • Julian T. Allen is an actor known for Lil Ceasar (2020), Vulture City (2020), and City of Vultures 2 (2022).