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Ruin Agency

Own It March 23, 2021

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 72 Minutes

UPC: 824355567823, MAV-5678


Chuck has had his shares of ups and downs in this cruel world. Just when he has an opportunity to change his luck around his ex-lover has other plans. Chuck becomes frustrated and seeks assistance from Ruin Agency to get even and teach his ex-lover an unforgettable lesson.

Produced By

Tyeisha Downer

Directed By

Tyeisha Downer


Charles Mclain, Logan James, Nicola Richardson, Patrick Bean, Lashel Wilson

About the Crew

  • Tyeisha Downer is an author, director, writer, and producer that has written many novels and has also directed and produced Diamondz (2019), and Ruin Agency (2021).
  • PJ Bean is an actor known for Winter in Paradise 2020) and Ruin Agency (2021).
  • Kimia Workman is an actress known for Guns and Grams (2016), Burning Sands (2017), Londyn and James (2019), and Diamondz (2019).