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Box Art for Son of a Snake

Son of a Snake

Own It July 25, 2023

Genre: Crime, Drama

Runtime: 100 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5986, 824355598629


A bishop who is a great leader of the congregation he serves, has the gift of saving souls, but lacks forgiveness. He carries a twenty year old secret that comes to light during a childhood reunion.

Produced By

Derrick Pointer

Directed By

Snoop Robinson


Corey Artis, Cory Espie, Santosha Nicole, Jarric Tucker

About the Crew

  • Jarric Tucker is an actor known for Love & Drugs 2 (2020), Triple D Revenge (2021), Bid for Love (2022), and Why Women Trip (2022).
  • Cory Espie is an actor known for Love & Drugs (2018), Heavy (2021), Christmas on My Block (2021), and The Forbidden Daughter (2023).
  • Santosha Nicole is an actress known for Gutta Mamis (2020), Switched (2021), Blind Confession (2022), and The Forbidden Daughter (2023).