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The States

Own It March 08, 2016

Genre: Action

Runtime: 106 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5511, 824355551129


Juice (Jah) is an ambitious Belizean immigrant, who flees to the US. After committing a crime in his country, he learns the hard way that the States is a lot different than what he fantasized. After a string of unfortunate events and violent acts, Juice finally realizes what is most important in life... and in The States.

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Jah, Cleave Cadle, Shantay Reyes, Faron, Get Bent, Rhygel, Ninja, Shiloh K

About the Crew

  • Producer, Writer, Director Jamaal Smith, 'JAH' originates from Belize, now living in the United States. He owns 'True Belizean TV',, a music/video channel highlighting the culture of this homeland.
  • Cleave Cadle is known for his work on Bank (2016) and Nerd Boy (2008).
  • Reviews from adoring fans:
  • 'Loved the effort you guys made and it's a big step for us Belizean and I think it's just the beginning so keep up the good work and looking forward to the next movie!'.
  • '5 Stars - Pure Awesomeness'.