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Street Crimes Unit

Own It May 07, 2024

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Runtime: 86 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6106, 824355610628


Detective Mills and Detective Smith are assigned to the Street Crimes Unit of the Police Department. While on a stakeout one day, Mills and Smith see a local politician, Alex Johnstone, arguing with his mistress. Days later the mistress goes missing. Mills decides to investigate Alex Johnstone, even after being told by his supervisor not to do so. Mills convinces Smith that they must find the evidence that connects Alex Johnstone to the missing woman before he tracks them down.

Produced By

Jeff Profitt

Directed By

Jeff Profitt


Cody N. Carter, Deshawn Long, Jordon Campbell, Chanel Collins, Michael Everett Johnson, Madison Hodges

About the Crew

  • Jeff Profitt is an actor, director, and producer known for Queen of the Trap House (2021), Deceitful Tendencies (2022), and 10 Kilos in the Trunk (2023), and Killer Baby Mama (2023).
  • Chanel Collins is an actress known for 5D (2021), Violet Bloom (2022), Choppa City Queens (2023), and Killer Baby Mama (2023).
  • Jordon Campbell is an actress known for Work Bae (2021), The Therapist (2022), and Keisha Takes the Block (2023).