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Street Revenge

Own It November 18, 2008

Genre: Action

Runtime: 95 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5284, 824355528428


Gritty action illuminates a deadly street war between the notorious NY mob and a ruthless Latino street gang. As they each fight for control, chaos erupts and nothing but blood soaked streets are left behind.

Directed By

Conrad Glover


Jamie Velez, Elena Adames, Raine Brown, Conrad Glover, Nicholl Jones, Antonio Saillant

About the Crew

  • Raine Brown- Jumping up and Down, Maya's Soul, Pink Eye
  • Conrad Glover Deception, Maya's Soul
  • Nicholl Jones- Love's Sweet Thing, Maya's Soul
  • Antonio Saillant- Has guest starred on many popular TV shows including 'All My Children', 'The Sopranos', and 'Rescue Me'
  • Street Revenge has over 3,000 views on You Tube
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