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Stripper Academy

Own It January 20, 2009

Genre: Erotic

Runtime: 85 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5298, 824355529821


The owner of a high class strip club decides to recruit more beauties by co-founding the Stripper Academy. This sophisticated boot camp teaches dancers how to move and groove like the experienced pros. The academy will accept anyone, but only a few can make it to the top of the pole.

Directed By

Vincent Foster


Richard Tyson, Katie Cleary, Vincent Foster, Gabriel Pimental, Julie Costello, Shawnie Costello

About the Crew

  • Won Honorable Mention for Best Original Score at the Accolade Competition
  • Richard Tyson -There's Something About Mary
  • Katie Cleary- Deal or No Deal model
  • Julie Costello - Juggy Girl on 'The Man Show'
  • Shawnie Costello - Juggy Girl on 'The Man Show'
  • Promoted on Myspace and Facebook