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Own It February 03, 2009

Genre: Action

Runtime: 110 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5299, 824355529920


The men and women who set out to protect and serve find they must often deceive to solve the case. Following the riveting hunt of a helpless murder witness, the deadly war between the Special Forces and the drug lords rages on. Amidst this ongoing battle, murders are committed, hits are made, and the chances of survival shrink minute by minute.

Directed By

Sidney Mansa Winters


Eric Lane, Greg Niecestro, Simeon Henderson, Tommie Phipps, Diane Howard, Dan Lougheen

About the Crew

  • Eric Lane-Appeared in R.Kelly's hip-hopera 'Trapped in the Closet'. Starred in Barbershop, The Evil One, and Love Relations.
  • Tommy Phipps - Hostile Takedown.
  • Simeon Henderson- Comatose, Vacant.
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