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Own It April 11, 2023

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 107 Minutes

UPC: 824355591828, 01:47:06


After growing up in an abusive home from her Mom, Desi continuously runs into problems with men treating her the way her Mom did, until she snaps.

Produced By

Robert L. Parker III

Directed By

Robert L. Parker III


Whitney Hayes, Latrice Dominique, Verrokco Jones, Zakary Taylor, Shanta Renee Smith

About the Crew

  • Robert L. Parker is a director and actor known for The Struggle (2019), Deceptive Intentions (2021), Lot Lizards (2022), and Sweet Revenge (2022).
  • Latrice Dominique is an actress known for Queen Angie (2023), Da Neighborhood Dopemane (2023), and Twisted Games (2023).