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Own It April 30, 2024

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 78 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6091, 824355609127


A young disgruntled woman escapes from a mental health facility to infiltrate a relationship with a man she went to college with.

Produced By

Trish Redford, Joanna Rhambo, Reuben Johnson

Directed By

Reuben Johnson, JoAnna Rhambo


Kiana Tavasti, Sharmaarke Purcell, Trish Redford

About the Crew

  • Reuben Johnson is director, writer, and producer known for John Wynn's Playhouse (2021), Get the Bag (2021), and A Lover's Secret (2021).
  • Sharmaarke Purcell is an actor known for Pick a Side (2021), Trimmer (2022), Double Crosses (2022), and Open Luv (2023).
  • Trish Redford is an actress known for The Deal (2015), Love Recession (2019), and Lacee (2022).