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Templar Nation

Own It July 23, 2013

Genre: Action

Runtime: 78 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5420, 824355542028


After an archaeologist and his students excavate a Templar Knight's tomb, they are thrown into the middle of an ancient blood feud. They must either follow the Templar's ancient path or face destruction at the hands of a dark league of assassin.

Directed By

Brian Vance


Erik Estrada, Richard Dutcher, Joseph James, Cristina Segovia, Todd Frost, Natalie Paige Willison

About the Crew

  • Erik Estrada best known as 'Ponch' from the television series CHiPs.
  • History buffs and fans of conspiracy will enjoy this film about the Knights Templar.
  • Joseph James winner of the Award of Merit from the Accolade International Film Competition for his directorial debut of the feature film The Masonic Map.