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Thanksgiving with the Carters: 2nd Helping

Own It November 02, 2021

Genre: Comedy, Holiday

Runtime: 76 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5749, 824355574920


The Carter family is back together again for the Thanksgiving holiday, and this time they are celebrating at a cabin deep in the woods. When chaos ensues and dinner is ruined, the family must work together to save the holiday tradition.

Produced By

Bryan G. Thompson

Directed By

Bryan G. Thompson


Bryan G. Thompson, Sophia Knolton, Ronald S. Gamble, Kathy Thomas-Aldrich, Jeff Ararat, Nina Harrison

About the Crew

  • Bryan G. Thompson is as award-winning director and producer known known for El Sueno (2016), Rogue Cell (2019), Thanksgiving with the Carter’s (2019), Valentine’s Date (2021), and Carters Family Reunion (2021). Thompson is also the founder and CEO of the Miami Web Series Festival, also known as Miami Web Fest.
  • Ronald Gamble is an actor and writer, known for The One (2001), The Terminal (2004), Rogue Cell (2019), and Rogue Cell: Shadow Warrior (2021).
  • Sophia Knolton is an actress known for Carter high (2015), Stolen Virginity (2016), Tatted Souls (2017), and Thanksgiving with the Carter’s (2019).
  • Kathy Thomas-Aldrich is an actress, known for Save Me (2014), El Sueño (2016), and Rogue Cell: Shadow Warrior (2021).