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The City of Crosses

Own It June 01, 2021

Genre: Drama, Faith Based

Runtime: 70 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5684, 824355568424


Two best friends come upon a murder that will derail their lives forever. They keep the secret to themselves only to share it with the girl in their circle, Samantha. As life would have it, anything hidden won't stay buried forever.

Produced By

Carolyn Henry

Directed By

Brittany Butler-Bradley


Brandon Person, Georgetta Buggs, Everett Anderson, Thomas Spurlock, Mia Murchison, Shawna Campbell

About the Crew

  • Georgetta Buggs is an actress and writer, known for A Troubled Mind (2015), Coming to Africa (2020), and Senior Living (2021).
  • Brandon Person is known for his work on This Is Your Brain on the 80's (2014), Girls Like Me: A Self/love Story (2018), and The City of Crosses (2021).
  • Carolyn Nelson-Henry is the owner of CNH Productions, LLC, with which she completed her first movie entitled, “The City of Crosses.” Her creativity has also motivated her to manage R&B, Classical Jazz, and Hip-Hop artists and serve as executive producer on several short films and one of the Producers of “Hidden Orchard Mysteries -The Case of the Air B&B Robbery.” Show now on Amazon Prime.