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The Journey

Own It September 19, 2017

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 98 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5537, 824355553727


Lem Mills is destroying his family while being haunted by the pain of his past and searching for the one person that can release his guilt, when he uncovers a devastating mystery that threatens to end his life - or save it.

Produced By

Jonetha Jomae Scott

Directed By

Jonetha Jomae Scott


Vernon Snoop Robinson, Raison Thompson, Autumn Cannon

About the Crew

  • Jonetha Jomae Scott is a writer, director, and producer know for 'Bold Evil Liar' (2015), 'The Buttermilk Tree' (2016) and '57' (2016).
  • Vernon Snoop Robinson is a director, producer, and actor known for 'She's Not Our Sister' (2011), 'Deceptions of Love' (2013), and 'Her Eyez' (2014).
  • Raison Thompson is an actor, known for 57 (2015), The Buttermilk Tree (2016) and Carter High (2015).