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The Love We Had

Own It January 04, 2022

Genre: Drama, Romance

Runtime: 84 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5771, 824355577129


One decision results in a tragedy that threatens to rip a young couple apart at the seams while essentially destroying everything and everyone who means the most to them.

Produced By

Jaime Randel, Karon Joseph Riley, Brad James

Directed By

Javier McIntosh


Karon Joseph Riley, Ja'el Roberson, Judi Johnson, Brad James

About the Crew

  • J Carter is a writer and producer known for The Morning After (2018), Make Time 4 Love (2021), and The Love We Had (2021).
  • Brad James is an actor known for The Choice (2016), For Better or Worse (2011-2016), and A House Divided (2019-2021).
  • Karon Riley is an Ex-NFL player turned actor known for Marry Me for Christmas (2013), Insatiable (2018), Ambitions (2019), Little (2019), and Pinch (2020).
  • Judi Johnson is an actress known for Tyler Perry's If Loving You Is Wrong (2015-2016), Like Family (2017), and Double Cross (2021).
  • Ja'El Roberson is an actress known for Comeback Dad (2014), The Christmas Swap (2016), and Love by Chance (2017).