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The Perfect Prayer

Own It March 05, 2019

Genre: Inspirational

Runtime: 97 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5582, 824355558227


Serenity Scott endures the unthinkable act of both mental and physical abuse from her parents. Parents are supposed to be the ones that kids trust with their life. Moms and dads should be the hero's that make the bad guys disappear and help their children escape the monsters in their dreams. This was not Serenity's case; instead her dreams were her reality. Her trust was trampled by her mom Jamie and her heart was broken by her father Kenneth. Serenity loses her faith in God and now she is in search for The Perfect Prayer.

Produced By

Russell Thacker, Jervonne Thacker

Directed By

Jervonne Thacker


Tobie Famusipe, Rachel Oliveira, Shelby Freeman

About the Crew

  • Jervonne Thacker is a director, producer, and actress known for Inner Beauty (2017), Dexter Jackson's Guide to Dating (2018), and ATL Homicide (2018).
  • Tobie Famusipe is an actor known for Taboo (2016), Fixation (2017), Back to One: First Position (2017).
  • Maria Gray is an actress known for Swiped (2018), Cinderella: The Enchanting Beginning (2018), and Marriage Killer (2019).