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Three Rookies

Own It December 11, 2007

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 93 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5248, 824355524826


A hilarious comedy about the lives of three broke losers who, by some strange twist of fate, land jobs with a very short-staffed Atlanta Police Department. In the line of duty, the new rookies become unlikely heroes after getting mixed up with some crazy dealings involving a diamond thief and two petty crooks, all the while trying to do what they can to keep their jobs.

Directed By

Cleandrew Smith


Dwayne Carl, David Vallin, Jevocas Green, David Fielder, Rashaan Brown, Sean McLarty, Jason Williams, Tony Patterson, Demetrius Nail, Whitney Banks, Christian Ojore, Joey Brownlee, Eyoko Jae, Natasha De Freitas

About the Crew

  • Have fun watching this 'Police Academy' meets 'Jerky Boys' hilarious comedy.
  • Reaches a wide demographic with multi racial cast ensemble.