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Own It March 05, 2024

Genre: Drama, LGBT

Runtime: 106 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6059, 824355605921


Hair Stylist, TIffany LaCroix and her Programmer fiancee Jayson Alexander live a relatively simple life until Jayson asks for a very intimate 30th birthday present. He wants to have a threesome with Tiffany and her lesbian best friend Ashley. Against her better judgement and the advice of her friends, Tiffany agrees to the menage a trois. But what seems like a dream come true for Jayson, leads to jealousy, betrayal and a trail of broken hearts.

Produced By

Nina Stakz, William Uschold, Tyrone J. Dangerfield

Directed By

Nina Stakz


Tresure P, Chris Deon, Vanessa Demaris

About the Crew

  • Nina Stakz is a director, writer, and cinematographer known for New Year New Us (2021), The Aftermath (2021), #Clout (2022), and Plugged (2023).
  • Tresure Price, affectionately known as Tresure P is an accomplished model, Rising star and a fresh face to the television and film industry. With several film projects in production she has been proving to be someone here to stay. Her talent ...charm ...whits and unforgettable beauty and curves keeps her as a stand out component in any audition. She has been in Meet the Snows (2022) and Women of the Jury (2023).
  • Christopher Deon is an actor known for Social (2022), Four Amigos (2022), and Butterscotch Chocolate (2023).