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Till Death...Do Us Part

Own It September 04, 2012

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 92 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5395, 824355539523


Aaron Corbin, a successful businessman, finds himself enjoying life and his new bride Kelly. Married life suits Aaron and his company has hit it big, but with newfound success comes bigger problems. His life begins to fall apart and to save it means regrettable deadly consequences of betrayal and murder.

Directed By

Janaya Black


Mario Duane Woodard, Cherry Sparks, Rockey Black, Dez Cortex Crenshaw, NaKeya Snoddy, Kamai Smith

About the Crew

  • Actors Rockey Black and NaKeya Snoddy were in 8 MILE .
  • Movie that is tantalizingly full of gripping suspense within a sea of deception.