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Own It August 27, 2024

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 72 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6147, 824355614725


Nia is raised in a dysfunctional household by her promiscuous, barfly mother, and is on track to follow in her mothers footsteps. That is until Marshal, a local bar owner introduces Nia to a the game of pinball. Nia quickly becomes a skilled expert at pinball, and has a chance to come out of her mother's shadow

Produced By

Mark K. Buddington, Samuel Smith, Auckland Day

Directed By

Mark K. Buddington


Vanessa D. Fant, Samuel Smith, Jiton Greene

About the Crew

  • Mark K. Buddington is a director, writer, and producer known for Victoria (2021), Suffocated (2022), When Girls Ride (2023), Women of the Jury (2023), and When it Rains (2023).
  • Samuel Smith is a writer and actor known for Shades of Blue (2017-2018), See You Yesterday (2019), Dollhouse (2023), Suffocated: Room 2 Breathe (2023), and For How Much (2024).
  • Jiton Greene is an actress known for The Fearless One (2017), Bundles the Movie (2022), A Father's Pride (2022), and Women of the Jury (2023).