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Too Saved

Own It February 17, 2009

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 78 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5301, 824355530124


Lisa has prayed for years that God would save her boyfriend Bobby, but when he finally sees the light it's much more than Lisa bargained for. Is Bobby 'Too Saved' to hold onto his relationship with Lisa?

Directed By

Shuaib Mitchell


Lolita Clayton, James, "J.J.", Johnson, Annette James, Caroline Pleasant

About the Crew

  • Won 2nd Place for BEST FILM at the 1rst Annual KingdomWood Christian Film Festival
  • Too Saved was awarded the prestigious Dove 'FAMILY- APPROVED' Seal by the Dove Foundation
  • Received a 4-star rating from The Dove Foundation.
  • Directed by award winning independent filmmaker Shuaib Mitchell (Larry Neal Writer's Award, Maryland State Individual Artist Award)
  • Has screened at film festivals around the world including the Pan African Film Festival, Indie Can Film Festival, and the Urban World/Vibe Film Festival
  • Nominated for BEST RELIGIOUS FEATURE FILM at the San Diego Black Film Festival
  • Sowande Tichawonna won Outstanding Emerging Artist at the Washington Mayor's Arts Awards
  • '**** Intriguing! Too Saved is a great film that gives the idea of being saved a new dimension' (James Gabriel,
  • 'This is a great movie! Keeps it real by dealing with real issues, and does an EXCELLENT job of causing the viewers to examine themselves. Wow!... A film that ministers to the believing viewer that isn't the 'Passion of the Christ', yet conveys Christ's passion nonetheless in a unique way... Continue to operate with excellence before an audience of One, and He will take you places... because you glorify Him. If He be lifted up..'. (Viewer Comment)
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