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Torn Soul

Own It July 22, 2014

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 85 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5457, 824355545722


Meshach Johnson is forced to find his identity while wandering the perilous streets of a decaying city. TORN between the dead end life and the abundant life God has promised him, Johnson's endless struggle to find his 'true self' takes him on a path that threatens to bring about his demise.

Produced By

Danzell Calhoun

Directed By

Danzell Calhoun


Raheem Saltmarshall, Kim Van Hamlin, Hosiea Ransom

About the Crew

  • A relate-able film for those who have found it hard to identify themselves.
  • Danzell Calhoun's Directorial Debut visually tells the story of growing up on the mean streets in Flint, Michigan.