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The Two Plates

Own It February 09, 2010

Genre: Action

Runtime: 91 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5336, 824355533620


The race is on and everyone becomes a moving target when brothers of the hood come across counterfeit plates used to make US currency. The harsh realities of inner city turmoil become clear as friends become enemies, stopping at nothing to get their hands on the plates. As the rivalry escalates into an all out street war full of deceit and sabotage it isn't clear who will end up with the money, but the greed that drives them all will soon come to a head in a bloody showdown.

Directed By

Jonathan Straiton


Assassin, Ambush, Wes Reid, Chris Morrison, Derrick Johnson, Ashby Brooks, Rob Rozier

About the Crew

  • The Two Plates won Best Urban Feature Film at the Bare Bones International Film Festival.
  • Wes Reid - won Best Actor at the Bare Bones International Film Festival for his role in the film Clay.