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Under the Cherry Tree

Own It January 08, 2013

Genre: Inspirational

Runtime: 116 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5405, 824355540529


Kevin and his wife run a successful apartment building and share a wonderful life together. Kevin's brother threatens to destroy their happiness when he accidentally sets the building on fire. The stress causes Kevin to turn away from the church and puts a strain on his marriage.

Directed By

Cedric Mixon


Kelsey Saunders, Carlene Pochette, Tariq Rasheed

About the Crew

  • Kelsey Saunders - HBO's 'Boardwalk Empire'.
  • Carlene Pochette - Serafina Slow Burn.
  • Tariq Rasheed - Serafina Slow Burn, Night Catches Us.
  • Cedric Mixon e Writer, Director, Author of Under the Cherry Tree.