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Box Art for Vindictive


Own It June 13, 2023

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Runtime: 120 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6008, 824355600827


Neeka will do anything to have what her best friend Dana has, even if it means manipulating Dana's abusive husband, Tek, to join in on a deadly plot. Not everything go as planned, causing Dana to do the unthinkable, turning Tek's life upside down, and causing Neeka to make other VINDICTIVE plans.

Produced By

Tyrone Tizak Jackson

Directed By

Tyrone Tizak Jackson


Tyrone Tizak Jackson, Shanta Renee Smith, Daniel Hardy, JD McCarthy

About the Crew

  • Tyrone Jackson is an actor and director known for Turned Out (2019), Infidelity (2021), and No Such Thing as Loyalty (2022).
  • Shanta Renee Smith is an actress known for Lil Ceasar (2020), Secrets of a Side Chick (2022), The Walk of Rufus (2022), and Diary of a Unicorn (2023).
  • Daniel Hardy is an actor known for Empire (2015), City of Vultures 2 (2022), Lady (2022), and Scam City (2022).