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The Walk of Rufus 2: Theodis

Own It April 09, 2024

Genre: Crime, Drama

Runtime: 89 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6076, 824355607628


Theodis and Rufus are brothers who grow up to become powerful Chicago Kingpins. When Rufus is murdered, Theodis sets out on a path of revenge making those responsible for his brother's death pay a high price.

Produced By

Billy Ray Valentine

Directed By

Billy Ray Valentine


Cedric D. Collins, Marvin Vega, Rich Nayer, Eric Mayes

About the Crew

  • Mark Anthony Mathews aka Billy Ray Valentine is a actor, director, and producer known for Magic (2020), Lil Ceasar (2021), and Walk of Rufus (2022).
  • Eric Mayes is an actor known for Magic (2020), White People Money (2020), and Gain the World (2021).