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Weapons of Warfare

Own It May 07, 2024

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 65 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6083, 824355608328


When 19 year old TJ, decides to leave the nest of his parents who are preachers of the gospel and turns to the streets for the love and support he always wanted. His life is turned upside down almost over night with gun violence, drug dealings, stolen money and countless crimes in the blink of an eye. His life becomes a tug of war between the parents that raised him and his new gang leader chief Who's bringing him further down to the ground.

Produced By

Quincy J. Trent, John Campanile

Directed By

Quincy J. Trent


Jeremy "Ubel" Jones, Crichandra Trent, Ronnie Hudson

About the Crew

  • Quincy Trent is a director, writer, and producer known for All for the Money (2019), Death by Envy (2022), Fatal Witness (2023), and Till Death Do Us (2023).
  • Simeon Henderson is an actor known for God's Purpose (2015), No Regrets (2016), The Best Thing! (2017), Professor Mack (2019), and Death By Envy (2022).
  • Ronnie Hudson is an actor known for The Other Wife (2022), Don't Let Me Stay (2023), and Chicago Fire (2024).