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Youth of Christ

Own It August 07, 2012

Genre: Inspirational, Drama

Runtime: 100 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5394, 824355539424


A youth group with a reputation for mediocrity, struggle to plan and execute a youth revival at their church.Will they prove that they are capable of doing the extraordinary for Jesus Christ? Or will they crumble under the pressure and prove the naysayers right?

Directed By

Stephanie Rodnez


Krystal Arguello, Belkys Cordero, David Carzel Morris, Brendan Reed

About the Crew

  • Producer, Stephanie Rodenz tours Youth of Christ to numerous churches in the Southeast with positive response.
  • An inspirational film for today's teens who struggle with their identity and becoming positive role models.
  • Youth of Christ is geared towards young Christians in need of a little encouragement while living in today's society.


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