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7 Colombian Kilos

Own It October 16, 2007

Genre: Action

Runtime: 132 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5247, 824355524727


The brutal story of betrayal between Lino and Weecho, two partners in the violent business of supplying drugs to Chicago's Westside. Greed and mistrust tear apart their childhood-long friendship, when Weecho reaches success and collects fast cash as the 'Chicago Connection' after a Miami-based drug kingpin takes him under his wing. Feeling left out, Lino plots with his boy, Jimmy, to commit a horrible act of betrayal, and take over Weecho's business.

Directed By

Zeke Gonzalez


Roberto Soto, Joe Caballero, Jaime Santillana

About the Crew

  • Gritty Artwork that Sells
  • Great Action title in the spirit of TRAFFIC.


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