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Own It April 01, 2014

Genre: Action

Runtime: 85 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5453, 824355545326


What if you could live life through a movie? This is exactly what the Emulation corp provides for Noah Wilson (Getty). However, the movie is about to become a lot more real than he ever expected. Framed for murder and marked for death, Noah suddenly finds himself the target of a nationwide man hunt. an assassination attempt, and a death-defying showdown on top of a skyscraper. These are only a few events jeopardizing Noah as he fights to prove his innocence. From Tom Getty comes a thriller simmering with paranoia and terror. Made absent a large budget, Emulation follows a young man's pursuit in uncovering the decade's most elaborate and horrifying conspiracy

Produced By

Tom Getty


Tom Getty, Jeff Howanek, Steven Chiado

About the Crew

  • Tom Getty - Top notch Sci-fi Action Film Director, writer and star of Emulation.
  • Film has the concept twist-turns of a major blockbuster studio.
  • Also Director of Rising Fear, due out in 2014.