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Box Art for Mexican Mob War

Mexican Mob War

Own It June 26, 2007

Genre: Action

Runtime: 84 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5296, 824355529623


A seasoned professional killer and master of escape, is finally offered the big cash score that has always eluded him. There's just this tricky catch! He and five other rival criminals must work together to complete a series of jobs dictated by a mysterious and anonymous employer. Thus prove they're capable of the bigger score... and the serious money. However, each crew member's powerful hunger for greatness, wealth and power quickly leads them into numerous set-ups, double crosses and wild car chases. In the end, these deadly confrontations leave only one very fortunate soul left standing.

Directed By

Alberto Rodriguez


Solomon Macedo, Jenny Roquemore, Anthony Duran, Manny Hernandez, Danny Garcia, Briana Herrera

About the Crew

  • • An action packed Gangster flick appealing to a wide demographic, Urban, Latino.


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