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Trapped In Katrina

Own It December 08, 2009

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 82 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5332, 824355533224


Ignoring warnings to stay out of New Orleans Hilton and Amelia go back to their ruined home to sift through what's left after the storm. As darkness falls they hurry to scoop up whatever memories they can and pack up their car, but two flat tires leave them without a way out. Stranded they split up to find help, but one dark night in the deafening quiet of hurricane ravaged New Orleans will change everything.

Directed By

Patrick Marrero


Fayard Lindsey, Anne Arceneaux, Brian Perry

About the Crew

  • Brian Perry - Nola.
  • A look into the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina and how those effects can change your reality and make you into a killer.