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Own It March 25, 2014

Genre: Family

Runtime: Minutes

UPC: MAV-5452, 824355545227


TURKLES is the tale of a group of curious kids from fictitious 'Camp Loggerhead' who embark on an adventure to solve the mystery of the missing sea turtle eggs. Led by two determined 13-year-olds, the clever campers must overcome dangerous obstacles, gather evidence, earn the trust of their parents, and ultimately catch the clueless poachers.

Directed By

Frank Eberling


Haley Sicard, Noah Centineo, Taylor Blackwell

About the Crew

  • Veteran Florida Filmmaker/Writer/Director, Frank Eberling - presented with a GLOBAL HEART AWARD at the Tree of Life.
  • Awarded 'Best Feature Film by local filmmaker' - Downtown Boca Film Festival.
  • 'Florida Gem Award' Awarded from the SUNSCREEN Film FESTIVAL-St. Petersburg, and the TREASURE COAST INTERNATIONAL Film Festival.
  • Mr. Burt Reynolds, also a PBJC/PBSC alumnus, served as the projects' mentor and makes a surprise, cameo appearance.
  • Several write ups in Palm Beach Post, Stuart Magazine, South Florida Weekender and many other South Florida publications and websites.